Pre-ceremony Worksheet

Bride's Name:*
Groom's Name:*
Wedding Date:*
Wedding Location:*
Bridesmaids (enter number):*
Groomsmen (enter number):*
Ring Bearer:
Flower Girl:
GROOM: Does the groom want to be part of the processional or does he want to be standing in place next to the minister?
SONGS: What song would you like to have played for processional? As bride walks down the aisle? For recessional? Please list 3 songs:
PROCESSIONAL ORDER: Who will be walking in together? Please add names in order (maid of honor and best man last)
BRIDE: Who will be walking the bride down the aisle, what is his or her name and relationship to the bride?
FRONT ROW SEATING: Who would you like to have seated in the front row on both the bride's side (Left side) and the groom's side (Right side)?
TOASTS: Who will be making toasts during your reception? This is very important for your timeline.
SPECIALTY DANCES AND SONG SELECTIONS (who will be partaking in the specialty dances? What is his or her name and relationship to the bride or groom?):*
RECEPTION Will you have assigned seating? If so, will you be providing name cards or do you prefer we organize these?*
Will you have menus at each place setting? If so will you be providing them or do you prefer we organize these?*
Would you like signage (i.e.; welcome sign, bar signage, seating chart signage, directional signage, etc)?*
CAKE TOPPER: Will you be bringing a specialty cake topper and/or cake knife and server?*
MISC DETAILS: Please list any other details that will be happening during your big day.